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1. Routine Activity

Routine Meetings

FORMID e.V. monthly meeting is an event to share information, discuss about program planning and gather.

Participation in Cultural Events

FORMID e.V. participates in “Culture Night” and “International CultureFest” in Dresden and surrounding areas. For example, Strassenfest der Interkulturellen Tage, Weinachsfeier TU Dresden, etc. FORMID e.V. participates  through Indonesian dance performance or culture talks.

2. Division of Creativity Activities

– Providing entertainment in FORMID e.V. routine meetings
Saman dance class
– Independence day
– Art performance festival
– Visit to cultural institution 

3. Division of Media, Information, and Publication Activities

– Website
– Social media publication
– Webseries
– Profile video

4. Division of Public Relation Activities

– Maintaining relation between Formid and other parties

5. Division of Logistic Activities

– Providing food and beverage for FORMID monthly meetings
– Catering

6. Division of Education Activities

– Book review
– Talkshow
– Workshop

7. Division of Sport Activities

– Routine sports (badminton, football, basketball, volleyball, etc.)
– Participation in sport events
– Forming FORMID sport teams